Troubleshooting is not an exact science, and a particular problem can be diagnosed and sometimes even solved in many different ways. However, when you perform structured troubleshooting, you make continuous progress, and usually solve the problem faster than it would take using an ad hoc approach. There are many different structured troubleshooting approaches. For some problems, one method might work better, whereas for others, another method might be more suitable. Therefore, it is beneficial for the troubleshooter to be familiar with a variety of structured approaches and select the best method or combination of methods to solve a particular problem.

Solving, correcting, and preventing structural problems is part of our services. From design and stress, vibration and fatigue analysis to materials troubleshooting, failure analysis, and repair – using “hands on” engineering, we offer expertise to help you solve your technical challenges.

We perform design and analyses of civil and structural components, as well as mechanical troubleshooting to determine the causes of in-service problems such as cracking, buckling, corrosion, etc.

Some of our services for structural troubleshooting have included but not limited to:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Analysis and Design of Steel Frames
  • Analysis and Design of Concrete Frames
  • Analysis and Design of Short- To High-Rise Buildings
  • Seismic Verification
  • Numerical Analysis of All Types of Civil Materials
  • Structural Control Systems, In Particular Passive and Hybrid Systems
  • Offshore Structures
  • Bridges
  • Cranes
  • Dams/ Floodgates
  • Structural and Construction Drawings and Details
  • BIM

PASOFAL EXPERTS also performs failure analysis by combining techniques and technologies with state-of-the-art finite element analysis, determining the precise root cause of structural failures – and designing solutions to prevent re-ocurrence. Our failure analyses have assisted clients in industries including manufacturing, automotive, transportation and laboratory tests for high-quality academic research for several Master and PhD levels.