PASOFAL takes great pride in offering its engineering services to the communication industry.  Our years of experience qualifies us to be experts in our field. Each tower can be unique and requires specialized analysis to ensure that the tower will meet the current tower standard.  With our experience, we know what to do when a tower does not meet current standards.  We use state-of- the-art three dimensional analysis software for each tower to be certain that it will carry a specified antenna loading.

PASOFAL offers not only structural analysis and design for new towers, but also for existing towers using current tower standards and powerful 3D analysis software such as SAP2000, PLS Tower, MStower.  All structural drawings are drawn using the latest CAD software.

We analyze existing structures and provide a report showing the current capacity of the tower.   Feasibility studies and rigorous analyses can be performed using relevant codes such as TIA-222-G. 

Foundations of the communication towers are also designed using a geotechnical report for the site and the latest codes and standards.  PASOFAL with its experience will help to decide the best foundation option for the site.

The types of the communication towers supported by PASOFAL are as follows:

  • Guyed Towers
  • Self Supporting Towers
  • Monopoles
  • Lattice Towers
  • Camouflage Towers
  • Mobile Cell Towers
  • Foundations
  • Special Designs