Watch a 3-minute video and discover how IDEA StatiCa improves the work of structural engineers and detailers. Unique technology, breath-taking user interface, comprehensive code-checks, customizable reports. All according to AISC, Eurocode and other national standards.

IDEA StatiCa automatically links with your software to let you export and synchronize data. This minimizes errors and repetitive work so you can focus on more crucial tasks – proper analysis, design and code-check of connections, cross-sections, members and details. The below video shows an example of IDEA StatiCa integration with ETABS to complete a steel connection design.

IDEA StatiCa Connection designs and checks welded or bolted connections, 2D or 3D joints, anchoring or footing of all topologies. We provide clear pass / fail checks according to EC / AISC / CISC standards in a complete report with drawings. For analysis, the Unique CBFEM method based on finite elements is used. Modeling considers an elastic-plastic material model for all the elements of the joint – plates, elements, bolts and welds. Prestressed bolts and plastic behavior of the welds are also taken into account.

Analysis of stress and strain of all connections and joints. The load is applied in increments, the corresponding stress and strain is calculated and evaluated. Linear analysis of stability of the connection elements. The coefficient of critical load with the corresponding deflection shapes. Rotational and axial joint stiffness (rigid, semi-rigid and pinned) and joint characteristics – initial stiffness. Seismicity checks. Iterative calculation of design load of the joint.


No limits in how many connections there are in the joint and how they are put together. Shape is defined by project requirements, not by software capabilities. 


All forces are analyzed. The overall check of the joint takes into account interactions between all the beams and connections. Engineers stay on the safe side all the time.


The whole design and check process is kept short enough to be a part of everyday work of structural engineers and fabricators all around the world. 

IDEA StatiCa Concrete is a design software solution for all types of reinforced, precast, pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete cross-sections, beams, walls, diaphragms, frame joints, hangings, and brackets. It also provides code-checks of prestressed concrete members.

  • Design of simple as well as complex concrete details and cross-sections
  • Clear pass/fail results for any topology, based on global building codes
  • Dozens of ready-made templates, import from DXF
  • Complete ULS/SLS checks, including cracks

For the so-called discontinuity regions, current codes offer limited support. Our solution adopts the recent developments in this area , hand-in-hand with leading researchers, to allow the full calculation of these areas. Common cases of such pages are openings, walls with openings, bridge diaphragms, frame joints, hangers and more…

Discontinuity regions can become a pain to design as there is limited support in the code for them. Our unique underlying analysis methodology can calculate and check these details in minutes. Any number of discontinuities can coexist in a single region. IDEA StatiCa Concrete will handle them, check them and present intuitive results in a comprehensive report.

No more struggling to deliver complex and safe beam designs, including construction stages, details, openings! IDEA StatiCa Concrete checks all of the above and even covers more demanding tasks like lateral stability and shear resistance of the interface between concrete elements cast at different construction phases.

It is possible with IDEA StatiCa to check several analysis options including but not limited to stress-strain check, nonlinear creep analysis, fatigue analysis, brittle failure check, long-term deflection and construction stages analysis. Bill of materials will be generated if required.