Post-tensioning (PT) is one of the most advanced and efficient technologies used to reinforce concrete. The forces contained within PT tendons demand that owners, designers and contractors who maintain these structures have a high level of technical knowledge and skills to ensure the safety of the structure and of individuals working on, near or in the vicinity of a post-tensioning system. PASOFAL EXPERTS (PE), a structural talent team, provides specialized analysis and design services to its clients, engineers and contractors to help build and maintenance solutions for all types of post tensioned and pre-stressed concrete structures. These can be classified as:

  • Buildings and Parking Structures
  • Bridges and Transportation Structures
  • Water Storage and Treatment Structures
  • Repair, Strengthening and Modification

Post-tensioned slabs have many advantages over reinforced concrete slabs and other structural systems for both single and multi-level structures.

Some benefits include:

  • Longer Spans
  • Overall Structural Cost
  • Reduced Floor to Floor Height
  • Deflection Free Slabs
  • Waterproof Slabs
  • Early Formwork Stripping
  • Reduced Materials Handling
  • Economical Column and Footing Design

PE in-house design professionals have extensive experience in structural design and are active members of technical organizations such as the American Concrete Institute (ACI).