R & D

PASOFAL EXPERTS (PE) has a strong focus on Research and Development (R&D). PE has introduced new and innovative solutions to the markets, which, in time, have formed the common way of constructing. A good example of such a solution is the Bar Damper (BD), which is a passive structural control system made of plates and bars. The BD is mainly proposed to protect existing and new civil structures under different levels of ground motions. For more information please visit our PUBLICATIONS

PE also actively participates in standardization work and large research projects. Cooperation is made with leading research institutes. For example, Hormoz Beton firm, located in IRAN, could succeeded to achieve the standards for its concrete products, particularly joists, in a national level, by helps of PE. For more information please visit Hormoz Beton.

Product development starts from the needs of the customer or the market. Our goal is to influence the construction process and to protect the structures from the choice of technical solution through the construction phase all the way to the use of the structure during its entire life cycle.

PE finds it very important to make sure that the products fulfill local regulations and are suitable for local practices. This way, our solutions are safe to use during their entire life cycle.

In addition to the academic interest, PE also contributes to the academic research projects and having collaborations with high ranked universities such as University of Malaya, Universiti Putra Malaysia and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia has brought innovative methods using creative algorithms, Finite Element Analysis and modeling to help both the graduate and postgraduate students. As a part of our vision, we provide hands-on experience to the students and invite them to carry out their academic projects under our experts’ supervision.

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