PASOFAL EXPERTS (PE) is a leading Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services team provides a series of other structural and mechanical engineering services to global clients for over 14 years. We have some of the most qualified and experienced structural and mechanical engineers on-board who can cater to any of your needs with ease. We leverage the best and the latest FEA tools and technologies while delivering top quality services to our clients.

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FEA is a critical tool when it comes to product development. Simulation gives the product designer multiple performance conditions to test on the product designs; this reduces the product failures and provides measurable benefits in terms of lower manufacturing cost, reduced product development time and increased efficiency. In times of economic troubles, outsourcing FEA Analysis to reliable partners not only help lower costs but also give manufacturing companies a competitive edge.

The basic concept behind Finite Element Method (FEM) is to replace any complex shape with the summation of a large number of regular / simple shapes (like a rectangle, triangle, etc.). These shapes are then combined to correctly model the original part. These smaller, simpler shapes are called finite elements because each such shape occupies a finite sub-space within the original, complex shape. For example, it is easier to visualize an engine, airplane, a machine component or skeleton as made up of smaller, simpler components. It makes modelling easier. And unlike finite difference models, finite elements do not overlap in space.

PE is one such service provider who can be your one-stop-shop for all your FEA needs. 


PE Offers Following FEA Services:

FEA methods along with structural analysis or stress analysis are commonly used in many industries, especially during complex stress problems. Stress analysis can be applied extensively in several manufacturing scenarios where safety factors have to be determined or cost, material, weight, strength, etc., have to be optimized. The analysis is also a cost-effective alternative to experimental testing.

Working with firms across the globe, our team of engineers, analysts, and quality systems work on advanced analysis tools to help you make your product design flawless. Our FEA services cover:

1. Structural Analysis

PE has the required skills and expertise to provide you with top quality structural analysis services. PE leverages finite element computer simulation to perform analysis of various products and processes. This is highly beneficial while optimizing material, strength, cost, weight, etc.

2. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

PE team of engineers can simulate incompressible and compressible fluids inside ducts, pipes, impellers, etc. PE  also offers several CFD analysis types such as but not limited to simulation of wind tunnel test, sea waves, floods, waterfalls, aerodynamic design, engines combustion, industrial processes, etc.

3. Static and Dynamic Analysis

PE has the required tools and skills to provide clients with static and dynamic analysis which helps them avoid any kind of machine faults.

4. Electromagnetic

PE leverages some of the best technologies and tools to provide clients with the best electromagnetic design optimization and solve some of the most complex Maxwell’s equations in the frequency and time domain.

5. Fluid-Structure Interaction

PE has some of the most skilled engineers who can help you with complex fluid-structure interaction. CFD and large eddy simulations provide you with deep insight into vortex shedding, shear stresses, and any other turbulence within the design.

6. Design Optimization

PE has the required skills to leverage the best design optimization tools which will help in determining the best materials, weights, and dimensions for your design.

7. Composite Analysis

PE provides our clients with quality composite analysis of the materials used in the design. Reliability is a key component of any design and our services ensure reliability in the long run.

8. Thermal Analysis (Steady State and Transient)

PE leverages thermal analysis to ensure uniform temperature distribution in a certain component. Our services ensure that the component behaves in the desired way when subjected to internal and external sources of heat.

9. Multi-body Dynamic Analysis

PE structural and mechanical engineering team can provide you with the optimization and improvement of designs of multi-bar linkages and other structural and mechanical components.

10. Stress, Fracture Analysis, and Fatigue Analysis

PE leverages the benefits of stress analysis to determine and predict fatigue and any possibility of fractures through simulations. This helps in determining the durability of the components when they are subjected to different stresses.

11. Explicit Dynamic Analysis

Nonlinear problems such as material failure, eroding contact, and large stain can be resolved using explicit dynamic analysis. PE can provide you with quality services which will help you overcome all the challenges.

12. Extended Finite Element Method (XFEM)

The Extended Finite Element Method (XFEM) is a numerical method, based on the FEM, which is especially designed for treating discontinuities. Discontinuities are generally divided in strong and weak discontinuities. In structures, the solution variable is usually the displacements so strong discontinuities are displacement jumps, e.g. cracks and holes. PE skilled experts can provide such a detailed analysis regardless of engineering fields. In this regard, PE services include but not limited to structural health monitoring, damage detection in any structural member, cracking of composite materials, crack propagation in building, bridge and dam engineering fields, etc.

13. Fire Safety Engineering

PE conducts fire safety by applying calculations, science, and engineering through FEA to determine how a building or system would respond to fire, rather than by showing that it meets a checklist of prescriptive fire codes.

14. Other Services

Apart from the above-mentioned engineering services, PE team of structural and mechanical engineers has the skills to provide many other services as well with confidence as per your requirements.