About Us

PASOFAL hangs its hat on inventive thinking and the ability to succeed where other engineers fail. We love the challenge of design, bringing new thinking and light-speed custom technology to the party. When there is an ‘unsolvable’ engineering challenge, there will be a queue of our engineers lining up to solve it. Once it is solved, we will probably solve it again in a completely new way, just for our review process. We are able to develop and test a number of design options, manipulating the design criteria to establish the best economic and buildable solution. Using Building Information Modelling we provide clients and architects with a visual demonstration of how all components of a design work together, which also helps us to optimize the structural efficiency of the design. Additionally we can check the viability of the projects and challenge the suitability of the design and material choices made against cost, time and sustainability criteria. That is why PASOFAL is the engineer of choice for national and international clients looking for creativity and quality they can rely on.

We are creative design experts and problem solvers, helping our clients and partners bring their visions to life. We apply our proven knowledge and experience to projects of all shapes and sizes, from challenging landmark commercial developments to complex bridging projects and everything in between. We have involved in many of largest and most complex developments like MRT Line 2 (SSP); Malaysia, seismic assessments of dams in different Malaysia regions  as well as a huge number of projects internationally across the South East Asia and Middle East. Our expert engineers apply their creative genius to just about every kind of structure, from airport towers right through to wharf pilings. Along the way, we have blazed new paths in seismic strengthening, built market-leading custom analysis tools, and led the pack in Low Damage Design.

We have established our great reputation for quality on the strength of projects delivered with our trademark attention to detail. Whether it is a seismic strengthening project, a bridge over a steep gorge, or a new commercial development, we bring the same high standard of due diligence and analytical horsepower.

In short, PASOFAL is a professional and multidisciplinary architectural, structural and mechanical engineering services firm recognized for solving the complex engineering challenges and delivers the utmost solutions for your next valuable project. PASOFAL also produces practical, elegant and economical structural design solutions for all types of engineering projects range from buildings and bridges to piping systems and stress analysis of mechanical parts irrespective of their size or complexity. We have achieved an impressive portfolio of work with an extensive list of clients, all recognizing PASOFAL’s quality, reliability and expertise.

Our Mission

PASOFAL services’s is absolutely dedicated to provide quality in the constructed project. This philosophy demands high standards of professional service, responsibility to client needs, efficiency, and pride of workmanship.

Our vision

PASOFAL services’s vision is to extend our vast experience and positive reputation in structural engineering to be an industry leader through outstanding:

  • Project Creativity
  • Efficiency
  • Fast Solutions
  • Structural Protective Design
  • Technical Prowess
  • Delivery
  • Client Relationships

Our value

  • Company internal culture and support for the common idea;
  • Attracting the best specialists;
  • Safety and health of the employees
  • Continuous development and innovation
  • long-term relationships with partners
  • Adaptation and flexibility;
  • Customer satisfaction improvement
  • Attention to details, while maintaining a common vision
  • Creation of long-term added value
  • Achievement of ideal results
  • Strictness to ourselves and others


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